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Small Group Discussion 2 Questions

September 14, 2011
  • If you’re assigned a project for a class where you have to do some research and then write a paper, how do you approach the work? Do you start far ahead of time? Make a list? Make an outline? Do you like to do research? Do you like to research topics alone, or with a friend?
  • If you’re working with a group on a class project, do you like to lead or follow? Is it important for you to know your group members? Would you rather just focus on the assignment and not make small talk? Do you get frustrated with the group process? Do you worry about your grade when you are assigned to a group project? Do you think group projects are a “fair” assignment as a way for a professor to judge what kind of student you are?
  • Are you a planner or a procrastinator?
  • Do you understand the difference between “majority rule” and “consensus?” If no one in your group can explain the difference, come ask me (Mary).
  • Do you like to make your own decisions about your life? Did your family help you to decide which college to attend (or whether or not to study abroad?) If you’re trying to make a decision, do you like to consult with your family? With friends? Or no one?
  • Let’s say that you have a class with 20 other students. The teacher discovers that one of you has stolen a copy of a test. This student may have given copies of the test to some of the other students; maybe he or she didn’t. The teacher comes to class and asks the “test thief” to confess. No one comes forward. Then the teacher says “unless someone confesses to stealing this test from my file cabinet sometime in the next 48 hours, you will all fail.” How will you as a student handle this situation?
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