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Journals are to be sent over email to the above email address, either Word attachment or in the body of the email message. Journals earn a maximum of 6 points each; do your best; they count!

Journal 1: Due September 2

Describe your conversation with your “first-day partner.”

Journal 2: Due September 16
How would you describe your communication style (and does it conform to your culture, generally?) And how do you handle conflict?

Journal 3: Due September 30
How have you made the major decisions that you’ve faced in your life? And do you feel you keep many private things to yourself, or do you share a lot with other people about your private self?

Journal 4: Due October 14
Have you ever been bullied, known someone who was bullied, or observed bullying? Describe.

Journal 5: Due October 28
Discuss the topic of “what makes us attractive.” Do you think attractive people are more successful in life? Why or why not?

Journal 6: Due November 11
Discuss what you have learned about Islam (if you are not Muslim)—you may discuss what surprises or interests you. If you’re Muslim, what are the most common misunderstandings about your faith?

Journal 7: Due December 2
During this semester, what has been the most difficult cultural practice (from a culture than your own) for you to understand or accept?

Journal 8: Due December 9
What fears do you think all young people share? Is culture involved in what one fears, or are fears universal?

Class Presentation

Presentations will run from November 1st through December 8th. Counts a maximum of 30 points.

Each student will do an approximately 10-minute Cultural Autobiography (Power Point, with pictures, if possible). You may do a personal story of “who you are, and what influences have made you who you are,” or you may choose to present an overview of your culture.

Final Paper

Due Finals Week. Counts a maximum of 28 points.

You may choose either:

(1) An analysis that compares your culture to one of the cultures with which you interacted in this class, using all of the cultural descriptors that you can;

(2) a cultural topic that interests you from your own or another culture—you will describe this topic in great detail, or

(3) a topic from one of our readings/discussions that you would like to cover in more depth than we did in class.

Be careful to choose topics where you are in control of the knowledge (you know a lot about it, such as a traditional Japanese tea ceremony), or if you wish, you may do some research, although research is not required.

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